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5 X 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po Batteries for UDI U818A Quadcopter


Compatibility, Size, & Weight

Drone technology doesn’t rest and if you’ve been seeking ways to keep your quad in air for longer, these Lipo batteries will bring your search to an end.

With dimensions of 58mm x 17.5mm x 7.8mm, these batteries have been designed to fit snugly into your Drone (can be used with similar drones as well - see dimensions) battery compartment and are a perfect fit for Models: U818A, U818A-1, U818A HD, U818A HD+ 2.4GHz. (*Does not fit the "U818A WIFI")

Each of them weighs about 12.6 grams (4 grams more than you average battery) but this is compensated for by longer flight times.
So never mind that this weight could eat up into your drone’s flying performance. In fact, you will barely even notice the extra weight.

Additional Flight Time

Nothing else kills a drone’s pilot vibe like only having 6 or 7 minutes of fun with the included battery and having to wait for probably another hour to fly again.
It’s for this reason that you need replacement batteries and not just from any provider.

Drone Pit Stop’s 500mAh Li-Po Batteries for UDI Quadcopter offers an extended flight time which varies based on your drone’s model but with the average time of 7-8 minutes (some users reported 10 minutes) and a set of 5 backups, you are most likely get extra flight time plus full cycles.

Circuit protection

If you are less experienced or a little more cautious with electronics, this feature was made for your sake. And for unforeseen electrical faults that could damage your Lipo batteries too.

Replacement batteries don’t come cheap and rather than have them put to risk, this circuit protection feature offers the much-needed safety against short-circuiting.

Easy Pull

Let’s admit it, pulling the batteries out of your drone is just one of those messy affairs no drone pilot looks forward to.
If not yanking out the electric cords then you risk detaching them and this is a risky and expensive affair you don’t wish to find yourself in often.

Thanks to the pull tab featured on these Lipo batteries, loading and unloading the batteries out of your drone’s chassis won’t be yet another messy affair.

Numbering Tag Space

Unlike most drone batteries out here, Lipo batteries come with a superior bonus feature in the form of a plain box fitted on the battery’s wrap which allows you to record digits on it.

Without proper numbering, you are going to have a difficult time keeping track of your batteries to identify those that require charging or the ones that seem bad and probably need to be disposed of.
Lack of numbering also leads to unbalanced use of batteries.

Keep Backup Batteries

Here’s the thing you will love the most about this set. After getting your 8 or so minutes of flight time which means your Lipo battery could probably be on the verge of getting drained completely, you can still carry on with the session, thanks to the additional 5 backups. With a 5-in-1 charger, it even becomes easier to keep your session going on as it takes just a few minutes (40-50 mins) to have the batteries charged and keep your cycles going.
But to keep your drone’s motors from overheating and probably becoming dysfunctional, give your drone some rest between changing batteries.