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Phantom 4 Protection Kit - Quick Release Propeller Guards + Gimbal guard + Landing Gear

  • If you own the DJI Phantom 4, don’t fly either without these guards or landing gear, not just because they can stand up to some punishment but they will save you some expensive repairs, parts and tears.
  • The gimbal guard protects the camera and gimbal from any damage, the prop guards prevent your Phantom 4 from crashing after hitting obstacles, the landing gear will help you takeoff and land with ease.
  • The quick-release feature helps attach and detach the prop guards and landing gear smoothly in seconds.
  • The materials used are lightweight and unobtrusive for minimum interference with the Phantom 4 flight.
  • Does NOT fit the Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+/Advanced.

Ultimate Protection Kit for Phantom 4 

No drone pilot is immune to propeller-related accidents and the aftermath could be anything from the end of your quad's life to physical injuries.

If the accident takes place in a crowded place, the upshots could spread out to innocent bystanders and that’s a situation you don’t wish to find yourself in.

These are but a few reasons why you need the ultimate protection kit from Drone Pit Stop to protect your Phantom 4, that innocent bystander, and of course yourself.

These guards would most certainly stand up to some punishment and save your bird some expensive repairs in a light crash or rough landing situation.

Durable But Flexible

These are made out of plastic but not the typical plastic that cracks at the slightest encounter with moderate punishment.

Take these prop guards, test them by bending them yourself, and among the things you shouldn’t expect is seeing them crack.

However, repeating the same by running them into a tree at full speed might fracture them, but the good news is your quad and props are not going to suffer the same fate as your guards might.

You will be glad you put them on for that particular flight when you'll watch your bird fly like a champ even after surviving a horrible crash or a small tree branch accidental encounter.

Ensure your Investment

Your drone deserves tender care and if not the gimbal then it’s the camera that you’ll have to start with. Whatever goes up, according to the laws of physics, must come down and this is very true for your drone. Sometimes it will land at an unusual speed or on a surface you didn’t intend it to and this could hurt it, particularly the camera and gimbal.

Made out of molded plastic, not just flexible but strong and long-lasting, lightweight and will not interfere with the flight or footage. Installation is easy and it takes just a few minutes to set up.

Takeoff and Land with Confidence

It is almost impossible to completely avoid all dirt, tall grass, sand, rocks and bumps while landing.

These extended landing legs are the only remedy for all the above and will help to keep the most delicate and sensitive components on your Phantom 4 safe and sound.

Kit Includes:
*4 Prop guards
*4 Prop guards adapters
*2 Landing gear extension legs
*1 Gimbal guard

Lightweight and Unobtrusive

Thanks to their relatively little weight, the effect isn’t significant enough to affect your bird’s smooth performance.

On top of being lightweight, the prop guards are purely unobtrusive meaning the controls are just going to be as responsive as they were without the prop guards installed.

If you own the DJI Phantom 4, don’t ever fly either without these guards and landing gear, not just because they can stand up to some punishment but they will save you some expensive repairs, parts and tears.

Quick Release Technology

What’s so special about this technology is that it makes the loading and unloading of the guards a piece of cake.

You can keep your extra force because it will only take you about 5- 10 minutes to install the prop guard adapters and this you do only once.

Once installed, it takes less than a minute to snap the guards on or off your bird.

The technology assures easy and fast transportation, so never mind that your quad can’t fit in any case with the guards installed. Just detach them and you’ll be set to go