Carrying Case for DJI Mavic Pro

  • New case from Drone Pit Stop Made for the DJI Mavic Pro
  • Fits the DJI Mavic Pro, Transmitter, up to 3 Batteries (including the one in the drone), Extra propeller and Cables, Charger, Charging Hub , SD and Micro SD card.
  • High quality, durable, waterproof material & waterproof zipper.
  • Made of 2 Unibody sides, No hinges, No frame or connector nothing to break or malfunction.
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The Drone Pit Stop DJI Mavic Case is a high-quality carry case that offers maximum protection and comfort.

Made for rugged use - resilient against falls, crashes and waterproof

The problem that other drone cases have is the materials that they use are not tough enough to withstand wear and tear. The Drone Pit Stop case is made using high quality and strong EVA materials that are not only resilient against falls and crashes and it is waterproof.

Unibody design ensures the case to not break apart

This case has a unique construction that is unmatched by any alternative on the market. Design with 2 Unibody sides that hold the structure of the case in place. It does not have any hinges, frames, screws or connecting attachments on it. A plus point since having these can compromise the case structure integrity (as many reported while using these cases). Since the Drone Pit Stop case uses 2 unibody with a zipper closure, you will never have to worry about any part break or malfunctioning.

Foam padding to keep accessories in place and give cushioning

The inside is made up of a hard foam-like material that is durable and has cutouts that have been customized as per the specific drone model and its accessories. The top side of the case has been fitted with a softer padding of foam to keep the items in place. This double padding of foam will give a good cushion space to your drone and its accessories and help keep them safe.

Stylish Design And Hard Outer Body

The Drone Pit Stop carrying case has been designed firstly to keep your DJI Mavic while traveling, but also with the intent to make it look cool! This case features a beautiful black design that looks classy and super trendy. Unlike the other carrying cases in the market that have an “aluminum” or plastic outer body, this case has a hard exterior with a smooth feel and a chic shine to it.

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