Top Facing Tablet and Phone Adapter For DJI Mavic Pro / Spark

  • New and improved Phone / Tablet adapter for DJI Spark and Mavic Pro / Platinum. Can hold smartphones and tablets of all makes and companies, that are a 11.5 cm - 18.6 cm in size.
  • The Drone Pit Stop Tablet / Smartphone mount is made out of molded plastic, that makes it a strong yet lightweight, essential addition to your DJI Mavic or Spark transmitter.
  • Versatility in the form of adjustable height & 360-degree rotation.
  • Easy to attach and detach within seconds.
  • Safe for the DJI Mavic and Spark controller as well as your device.
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One of the best parts about the DJI Mavic Pro/Platinum and DJI Spark is its video recording abilities, and when fliers are able to watch what they are recording in FPV, it just adds a real feel excitement and sense to the experience.
With the choice for attaching a smartphone or tablet for FPV Flying, fliers can now watch in better resolution and on a bigger screen and are able to catch and capture the most stunningly breathtaking aerial photos and videos.
Compatibility - Devices of 11.5 cm - 18.6 cm in size
The option for fitting multiple devices on this mount makes it versatile and easy to use, as it can be used with any smartphone or tablet, and you don’t need a particular mount every time you switch devices.
The top mount fit of the adapter on the transmitter makes an uninterrupted and consecutive piloting experience, having the screen on the top part of the transmitter instead of the bottom will never obfuscate or block your view of the information shown on the transmitter display, this improvement makes it the most comfortable and easy to use for longer periods of time - forget all about your sore neck and shoulders!
Strong and lightweight
The molded plastic makes a strong and durable adapter that is sturdy enough to support almost any device. There is no worry about the adapter breaking off due to the added weight of your tablet.
Ease of use comes in the form of an adjustable height and 360-degree rotation that allows you to move the device screen to your preferred and perfect viewing angle.
Material and Structure 
The Drone Pit Stop Tablet Holder Adapter for DJI Mavic Pro/Platinum and DJI Spark Transmitter controller is made from Molded Plastic that makes it a strong yet lightweight addition to the Mavic Pro or Spark transmitter.
Easy and quick tool-free installation, attach and detach within seconds.

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