Transmitter Protection kit for DJI Mavic Pro

  • The Drone Pit Stop Transmitter Sticks Guard and Screen Protector fits the DJI Mavic Pro controller perfectly and provides additional protection to the essential delicate components of the remote controller without added pressure on neither.
  • The Controller sticks Guard was specially designed to avoid any damage while not in use. 
  • The Adjustable Lanyard Neck Strap & Bracket Board Adapter allowing carefree piloting experience and will not block your view at any point.
  • The antenna fixture strap designed to fixate and protect the antennas from damage due to displacement in transportation or storage and will keep your transmitter intact.
  • Kit includes - 1 Yellow Transmitter Stick Guard + 1 Antenna Fixture Strap + 1 DJI Grey Adjustable Lanyard Neck Strap + 1 Bracket Board Adapter.
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Drone Pit Stop’s Transmitter Protection and Comfort Kit for DJI Mavic Pro and Spark is the perfect kit to keep the transmitter of your Mavic Pro or Spark protected at all times while flying, or while in storage or transportation. 
With essential features, it provides comfort and long lasting experience. 

Maximum protection –

With the Transmitter Protection Kit for DJI Mavic Pro and Spark, pilots will get one Stick and Screen Guard, Antenna Fixture Strap, Remote Control Bracket Board Adapter as well as an Adjustable Comfortable Neck Strap.
All of these together providing maximum protection to the Mavic's transmitter and will keep it intact at all times.

Ensure your investment –
After flying, you need to ensure that you store the remote controller safely so that it is perfect for next time use.
While in storage or transportation, there are a number of things that can go wrong. The stick guard keeps the transmitter antennas in place is a boon. It will keep them in position, which is also good because correctly aligned antennas provide a better signal between the controller and drone. 

Premium Comfort–
The included Remote Control Bracket Board Adapter and the Adjustable Comfort Neck Strap provide added convenience for carefree usage of the transmitter.
The neck strap provides a safe way to hang the controller, with it being on you at all times. The Remote Control Bracket Board Adapter too provides easy attachment, better piloting experience and will not block your view at any point.

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