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Propeller Guards + Landing Gear + Sun Shade For DJI Mavic Pro

  • Kit Includes: 4 quick-release DJI Mavic Pro propeller guards + 1 set of landing gear extension legs + 1 gimbal sunshade cover
  • Attach and detach the prop guards smoothly in seconds.
  • If you own the DJI Mavic Pro, do not fly either without these guards or landing gear, not just because they can stand up to some punishment but they will save you some expensive repairs, parts and tears.
  • The prop guards are lightweight & unobtrusive, and will not interfere with the Mavic Pro flight

The gimbal is the most delicate and sensitive component on your DJI Mavic drone, it is placed very close to the ground, keeping in mind the Mavic has no legs, it is hard to avoid small, incidental contact with the drone's surroundings, especially when landing,

so do your Mavic justice and give it the additional protection it needs.

It is almost impossible to completely avoid all dirt, tall grass, rocks and bumps when landing.

These extended landing legs are the best remedy for all the above and will help in protecting the most delicate and sensitive components on your Mavic.

Thanks to their relatively little weight, the effect isn’t significant enough to affect your bird’s smooth performance.

Get the most fun out of your DJI Mavic Pro experience.

Imagine the fun you’ll have flying when you are not constantly stressed out about damage.

Drone Pit Stop landing gear extenders and prop guards for DJI Mavic Pro are essential and will save you a whole lot of valuable time and tears in repairs.