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Propeller Guards for Mavic Pro

  • Quick Release Feature – Attach and detach the prop guards smoothly in just a few seconds.
  • Thanks to their relatively little weight, the effect isn’t significant enough to affect your bird’s smooth performance.
  • Get the most fun out of your DJI Mavic Pro experience.
  • Imagine the fun you’ll have flying when you are not constantly stressed out about damage.



Mavic Prop Guards

Installation Instructions

Remove the propeller Mount the adapter Attach the guard Close the bracket secure the bracket

Attach the propellers Tool-Free Installation

Quick Release Technology allows easy and quick mounting and detaching of the prop guards from the Mavic, concludes pilots shouldn't worry about finding a bag or a case that would be big enough to hold their precious bird together with the prop guards.  

Material and Structure

Injection Molded, Anti-Collision, Light, sturdy but durable, triangle structure, makes the Mavic more stable while flying, gives a feeling of endurance and security.

The Drone Pit Stop Prop guards for DJI Mavic Pro do NOT interfere with obstacle avoidance sensors and will help you avoid fatal interference - Prevent your Mavic from crashing after hitting walls, trees, branches, cables and more

Package includes

4 Mavic gray propeller guards and 4 adapters.

If you own the DJI Mavic Pro, don’t ever fly without prop guards, not just because they can stand up to some punishment but they will save you some expensive repairs, parts, and tears.