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Landing Gear for DJI Mavic Air

  • Increase ground clearance of your DJI Mavic Air by 3cm.
  • Quick and easy snap-on and off installation.
  • High stability prevents tipping over during takeoff and landing
  • Keep your DJI Mavic Air away from dirt, mud, rocks and tall grass.
  • If you own the DJI Mavic Air, don’t fly without these landing legs, be sure that these will save you some expensive repairs

Landing Legs Extensions - Increase Ground and Height of the DJI Mavic Air.

Takeoff and Land with Confidence It's almost impossible to completely avoid all dirt, tall grass, rocks and bumps when landing. These extenders landing legs are the best remedy for all the above and will help in protecting the most delicate and sensitive components on your Mavic Air.

Get the most fun out of your DJI Mavic Air experience - Imagine the fun you’ll have flying when you're not constantly stressed out about damage.

The Drone Pit Stop DJI Mavic Air landing gear extenders could save you a lot of bucks in repairs.

Easy Installation Snap-On and Off 

Please note, each leg extender is marked by L/R points for correct and easy installation.

Set includes: 4 legs extenders for DJI Mavic Air