Carrying Case for DJI Spark

  • New case from Drone Pit Stop - specially designed custom cut hard foam to fit the DJI Spark
  • Multiple compartments to fit the DJI Spark, Transmitter, up to 3 Batteries (including the one in the drone), Extra propellerS and Cables, Charger, Charging Hub , SD and Micro SD card.
  • High quality splash-proof material & watertight zipper for enhanced comfort and durability
  • The case has no frame, hinges & connectors and is made of 2 Unibody sides for a robust long-lasting experience at top shape and condition
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You probably own one or more drones already, and while you are not flying it you will want the safest and most perfect place to keep it. 
Think of a tailor-made case in which you could snugly fit your drone and all the vital drone accessories you could think of yet with plenty of room to spare.
The Drone Pit Stop case marks the end of your search. With the foam pre-cut to fit your specific drone model, its controller, batteries and additional utility sections to fit your other accessories, just about everything has its space and will be held tight inside this case

Strong, Durable and Splash-proof for Maximum Protection

Let’s face it, if your drone falls off the balcony or someone steps on it or it just crashes against a hard surface, that will probably be the end of it, right? But not when it’s inside this semi-hard case. It packs plenty of dense quality foam inside and this cushions your drone together with all its accessories against any impact that could damage them. A softer padding of foam on the top side of the case goes beyond just protecting your drone; it ensures all your accessories are kept in place
You know what’s special about the Eva material? It’s resistant to cracks, ultraviolet radiations, water, and even some of the hard punishment you could put your case through including falls and crashes.  It’s a blend of tough elements as vinyl acetate which explain for its resilience and durability. What’s unique about The Drone Pit Stop Case is that it’s made out of this Eva material which sets the basis for its semi-hard nature, durability, and water repelling properties. Even the zippers have a cover for added protection against water infiltration.

Keep Things Organized 

​Drone accessories are vital but let’s admit it, it sucks staring at a maze of accessories unable to make out between them. So we’ll tell you what you need: an organized case. And this case has plenty of room to keep your stuff organized and ready.
It keeps up to 1 DJI Spark, 3 batteries, extra propellers, transmitter, charger, extra props and a few other extras.
The top side of the case has been fitted with a softer padding of foam to keep the items in place. This double padding of foam will give a good cushion space to your drone and its accessories and help keep them safe.

Structure Integrity

Hinges, frames, screws, connectors- you won’t find any of those in this Drone Pit Stop Case. You will find 2 Unibody sides that hold the structure of the case just as good as any of those other parts would.
A zipper closure complete with a rubber coating and teeth that feel not just nice but sturdy keeps the 2 Unibody sides together saving you the pain of having to endure broken parts, come loose or malfunctions.
Handles come fixed with rubber grips that feel nice in the hand and let you have a firm hold of the entire unit.
Nothing flimsy here.

Cool-looking Design

No doubt we all want a case we’ll proudly carry to the park, airport, or other busy places and never feel shy to show it off.
Distinctive dark accents, a slippery smoothness, and a creatively done logo all combine to make this case cool for any occasion or place. And you know what’s good about black? It camouflages stains and common dirt so you are not going to spend day after day cleaning it.


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