Signal Booster for Mavic Pro / DJI Spark Transmitter

  • provides a longer range to fly your Mavic or Spark, it is also great at increasing the signal strength between the controller and drone at short distances
  • The parabolic range extenders work by reflecting the signal from the remote towards your drone, increasing the signal
  • The signal booster is foldable and portable, making it easy to carry around with your Mavic Pro or Spark
  • With better signal, Mavic and Spark pilots can have better control and a much safer flight even in city areas without interference
  • Best to use in city areas with heavy Wifi and Radio interference.
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DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Spark Transmitter Range Extender and Signal Booster

Losing your drone is a fear that all drone and quadcopter pilots live with, especially in city areas where there is a lot of interference in the signal between the drone and controller due to other devices.
​The Drone Pit Stop Signal Booster for Mavic Pro and Spark Transmitter has been created to combat this problem and provide a solution that allows drone fliers to enjoy their flight experience.

You can now get a much stronger connection with your drone, and ensure its safety with this signal booster.

Parabolic range extenders
Parabolic range extenders are a great and simple option that helps with extending the signal strength between the drone and the controller.
​The booster uses the signal that is being transmitted towards you, and instead of wasting that, it reflects it back to the drone doubling the strength. 

Reliable connection

This increased signal is great when pilots want to fly their Mavic Pro or Spark in city areas.
​No need to wait for the weekend and drive away from the city as an increased signal strength is reliable and allows better control of the drone.
Without interference from Wi-Fi signals, other drones, and such radio interference, you will also get a safer flight with minimum problems.

Wide beam spread

This booster has a wider structure instead of a narrow one, which means it can disperse a wider signal, covering more area.
Usually, when using a signal booster you get the best results by pointing the controller in the drone’s direction.
The narrower the booster design, the more accurately you need to focus, but the wider design makes this process easier.

Correct alignment of antennas

For good signal strength, it is important that the antennas on the controller are always correctly aligned.
Most times they are a little off, and this can hinder the strength.
​By sliding onto to the antennas and fitting in place, this signal booster helps in keeping the antennas perfectly aligned.

Foldable and durable

Drone Pit Stop accessories are made for ease of using your drone, high quality, durable and portable.
The design is foldable, allowing easier and safer transportation, without having to worry about it breaking.